austin, texas

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a (very embarrassing) picture with a mouth full of the best tacos ever.

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last year we went to portland, oregon and did some tours with nike, addidas and columbia. the opportunity to do these sorts of things is really something i will never take for granted. being in this organization and getting to know people within the industry has really opened a lot of doors for me, so i am extremely grateful for that.

anyways, while we were in austin, we visited 3mdell, and southern glazer’s three companies who are completely different from what we saw last trip (but still equally as interesting). the rest of the weekend was used to explore the area, eat good food (always a part of my list of activities) and hang out together.

a few of my personal favorite places obviously included food, but there were also some good areas to walk around. once night for dessert, we went to uncle julio’s to eat chocolate piñatas! They were pretty good, but you mostly go for the experience. i also really loved the segway tour that we did with nation tours. although you look kind of ridiculous, it’s such a great way to see the city! plus they have them in a few different places around the country as of right now, so i definitely want to do it again. On the days when we weren’t super busy, me and a few other friends from the organization really enjoyed walking around south congress in downtown austin. there were lots of really great shops and cute murals or sayings on the walls.

i hope you had a good weekend!


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here are a few pictures from the past few days. i decided that i am going to start documenting more things like this. when i looked back at my first “weekends” post i kind of realized that the weekends are when i make a lot of my really good memories. i also kind of hope that doing these sorts of posts will encourage me to take more pictures.

okay, enough of that! this weekend i went down to tucson to see my boyfriend’s family and get away from my apartment for a few days. i have had tons of tests lately, so it felt good to relax and have some fun.

we always end up going to grab breakfast at a restaurant called prep & pastry. it’s usually packed on the weekends, but it is definitely worth the wait. while we were there i was messing around with the camera when i snapped that picture of austin, and for some reason i just love it so much.

my boyfriend goes to university of arizona (my rival school) and i really wanted to go to one of their basketball games. they’re supposed to be so much fun, so i made him take me on saturday night. we met up with his parents right before the game to eat dinner and catch up, which was super nice. during the game, we sat on the court so that i could get the “full experience” and it was a little scary (i’m was the girl that played a sport and would run away from the ball because i didn’t want it to hit me in the face)!!

we had other plans for sunday, but i woke up with a really bad headache. we decided we would just watch some movies and lounge instead.

i hope you had a good weekend!

waste management open

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my dad, sister and a close family friend came down this weekend for the waste management open. last year i went with just my sister and it was so much fun! so i convinced them to come down for it this year as well. the weather was perfect and it was good to have them all in town for a bit! They don’t allow you to take any cameras in…so excuse the grainy iphone photos.

i used to play varsity golf in high school and ever since then my dad and i have really enjoyed going out to play together; it’s always fun to watch with him as well. my dad used to tell me that golf was such an important sport because, “you don’t go out and play basketball with your colleagues.” he used to go out and play golf with my grandfather and it makes me really happy that he can carry on that tradition with me. i someday hope to be able to go out and play with my daughters or sons as well. plus, it was so much fun to see some of the most talented golfers in their element (my dad and i kind of freaked out when we encountered phil mickelson, but he’s a super nice guy).

anyways, even though this is not your typical golf tournament, it’s super fun if you go with the right people. we ended up heading in pretty on the second day and left right before all the craziness began. i heard that over 200,000 people were in attendance on saturday… that’s insane!!

everyone is already back home, but my dad comes out again soon for the rest of the month! he’s trying decide if he might want to get a place here in arizona. nonetheless, it makes me happy to have him here.


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on the weekends that i am in arizona (or not completely swamped with school work) my boyfriend and i always like to try out some new activity or restaurant. we’ve done cooking classes, gone to museums, eaten loads of good food, attended concerts and taken weekend trips. most weekends i just feel like vegging out at home and doing something nearby, but this week i have been feeling the urge to travel. after having a completely unstructured month away from school, i don’t feel quite ready to settle down yet. since a weekend trip out of the country isn’t the most practical thing, i came up with a list of nearby options:

las vegas – because i had the best cheesecake ever the last time i went and i really think i need more. 

california – because it feels like home to me.

grand canyon – because i have never been… and i live in arizona… i mean come on. 

california was our winner this time because the weather is supposed to be really nice, but we vowed to do each one of these at some point in the near future. we try and come up with new places to travel to, but since california is so close, that’s always an easy “go to” for us.

we stayed at a hotel on the harbor in downtown san diego for the entire trip. i wanted to make sure we were in san diego because that’s where tons of my favorite restaurants are. then we made it up to disney land on saturday and the weather was perfect (which made up for the insanely long lines). before we went home on sunday we ventured out to an old fruit stand that i’ve been going to ever since i was little (their strawberries are to die for… and still just as good). after that we went to del mar to sit on the beach and do a little shopping.

it was a short trip and i wish i could’ve stayed for another 15 weeks (until the semester is over) but it’s on to slower, and much busier, times.

the new year

when i go back and think about 2016, i don’t necessarily jump up and down with excitement with how it played out. until i started looking back, i didn’t quite realize that 2016 was one of the good years. given, there were many rough patches, but looking back has made me realize how truly blessed i have been. i’ve recently noticed that the hard stuff sometimes turns out to be the most important as well. here are some of the things i have realized while reminiscing about the past twelve months (along with some resolutions):

  1. returning back to college was tough (will that ever end?), but that went away quickly when i was reminded of all the wonderful people who surround me. suddenly, what seemed to be a sad situation turned into gratefulness for all the happiness that is present in my life.  this year i am going to try and recognize more of these small joys that can be found everywhere in our world.
  2. i am on the executive board of one of the best student run organizations on campus at school. i plan an event for the top supply chain students from around the country and it’s stressful to say the least. i faced harsh criticism, powerful compliments, epic failures and triumphant success all in about the span of four days… and it was really tough for me (i may or may not have called my dad and cried my eyes out on the phone with him). but, i learned that these experiences make me stronger, teach me lessons and give me character.  this year i want to slow down and not take every little thing so seriously.
  3. school has never been my strongest suit. i’ve never felt particularly smart when it comes to academics. so when i went to college and people started talking about getting those dreaded internships prepared myself for the worst. this past summer i was lucky enough to get an internship with a company near boulder, colorado, but i just chalked that up to knowing the right people. this year was going to be harder, i just knew it. i interviewed with a few companies early in the fall semester and told myself that if i didn’t get anything, at least it was good practice, right? a few days later, i got a phone call, and a company named abbott wanted me to join their team of interns! it wasn’t until a few days later that i realized, i actually worked really freakin’ hard to get that internship… i didn’t just get lucky. this year, i want to believe in myself more. 
  4. this one is simple and i’ve known it all along, but my family pretty much rocks. being away from them kills me, but it’s also made me appreciate them way more than i used to.  this year i want my family to be more aware of how thankful i am for them. 
  5. a genuinely good person is a rare find these days. i notice it every time i do my grocery shopping, bike around on campus, deal with people on the phone and go out to dinner. it’s not hard to get mad at others and yell and be upset; we all do it! but i have recently realized that being a good person is not hard either. beating cancer is hard, losing a loved one is hard, but simply being nice to others IS NOT HARD. you never know what kind of hidden battles people are fighting and they way you treat them could change the course of their day.  this year, i want to be a better person. 

i could go on forever and ever (and of course i have more resolutions, like eat healthy, work out 8 days a week and other things that will never happen). this year was good.

the best sugar cookies





every year around the holidays i always love to have a big cookie bake with friends and family.  it’s always so fun to gather everyone together, listen to christmas music and make lots of delicious treats.

for so long, my sister and i had been searching for the perfect sugar cookie recipe. all the recipes we’d tried were great tasting, but they never held the shape of the cookie cutter! after searching for so long, we finally found the most incredible (and simple) recipe.

it was actually from our mom’s betty crocker cookbook that she got for christmas from her mother when she was in middle school! i think that’s so cool. but now, it’s my go to recipe. i wanted to make sure i shared it on here so that i my friends and family could have access to it (just in case that old torn book somehow gets tossed in the near future).

and just to document the fun, here are some pictures from our cookie bake this year! i decided to order some higher quality sprinkles, icing dyes and cutters from orson h. gygi  and it was totally worth it.

dry mixture

1 cup sugar

2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 teaspoon salt

wet mixture

3/4 cups shortening (i do half butter and half crisco)

2 eggs

1 teaspoon vanilla (or 1/2 teaspoon lemon extract for a fun twist)


cream together the shortening, sugar, eggs and flavoring. then blend in the flour mixture. cover and chill for at least 1 hour (but no more than about 2; it will start to get really hard).

preheat oven to 400. roll dough 1/8 inch thick on lightly floured cloth-covered board. then cut into desired shapes. transfer onto a non greased baking sheet and bake for 6 to 8 minutes or until very lightly brown.

*this recipe makes about 4 dozen 3 inch cookies.

las vegas


in august, my dad, sister and i went to las vegas for a fun little trip together before i went back to school. for some weird reason, we all love going to vegas so much! seeing shows, sitting by the pool, eating good food and spending good time together are all things we love to do.

the first night we got there ,we went and saw absinthe at caesars palace and i must say it was amazing. we all agreed that it is our new favorite (and we have seen a ton of shows in vegas). this show is in a old school circus tent and it is comprised of a bunch of different cirque type acts with a mas amounts of vulgar comedy mix in throughout the show. i’ll admit, probably pretty of awkward to see with your typical parent. but, my dad is one of my best friends, so it wasn’t weird at all.

while we were there, i made a short little video. i mostly make these to share with  my kids in the future (i always thought it would be cool to show them what the world was like when i was growing up in it) but i figured i would share them here too!