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This past spring, my mother, sister and I took a trip to La Jolla, California. My sister and I were born here and my mother lived here with my father for 16 years, so it’s a special place for all of us. Every time we go back, we kind of wished we still lived there.

It was so fun just to go on a girls trip with them. If you know me, you know my family members also double as my best friends; I am so lucky to have the kind of relationship I do with my father, mother and sister. I hope for nothing more than to have that kind of relationship with my children; I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

During the trip, we had the chance to celebrate my sister’s 22nd birthday and Mother’s Day! Here is a short video of our time there. It obviously consists of mostly eating at our old favorite restaurants and shopping… because what else would we do?

By the way, if you are visiting the area, you MUST go to Roberto’s. They have the best bean and cheese burritos in the entire world.


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