In August, my dad, sister and I went to Las Vegas for a fun little trip together before I went back to school. For some weird reason, we all love going to vegas so much! Seeing shows, sitting by the pool, eating good food and spending good time together are all things we love to do.

The first night we got there ,we went and saw Absinthe at Caesars Palace and I must say it was amazing. We all agreed that it is our new favorite (and we have seen a ton of shows in vegas). This show is in a old school circus tent and it is comprised of a bunch of different cirque type acts with a mas amounts of vulgar comedy mix in throughout the show. I’ll admit, probably pretty of awkward to see with your typical parent. But, my dad is one of my best friends, so it wasn’t weird at all.

While we were there, I made a short little video. I mostly make these to share with  my kids in the future (I always thought it would be cool to show them what the world was like when i was growing up in it) but I figured I would share them here too!





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