In late May I was in Thomasville, Georgia for my cousin’s wedding. It was the most beautiful weekend filled with so much love. I’m so close with all of my cousins, so every time we get together it’s just such a fun time.

This was the first of six grandchildren to get married which made it so exciting for all of us. It amazes me how quickly time continues to go by. I was talking with some of my cousins and we were saying how before we knew it we’d all be married and have babies! It’s crazy! We don’t get to see them as often as we’d like but from now on we are going to try and change that. Our family has a lake house up in Maine that we have been going to since we were little. We decided that all of us kids are going to try and fix up together, so once we are older we can get together with our families and make more good memories.

The town we stayed in, Thomasville, is a little town about 2 hours away from Jacksonville Florida. My cousins have grown up there and we got to visit every so often. It’s such a beautiful place to be and everyone is so incredibly nice. They have a lot of shops in the main town where you can find all kinds of different things. We were pretty busy with all the wedding activities, but we made sure to venture into town for lunch and a little shopping.

We stayed at a plantation in Thomasville which was amazing! I wish I took more pictures of it (and of the weekend in general), but I tried to be really present and spend time with family (although technology is nice, it can get so distracting!). Anyway, the long weekend with family was one I won’t be forgetting any time soon.




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