i’m megan and this is a place where i share small bits of my journey. i love traveling, good food, cooking, good company, and all things beautiful.

i wanted to create this space as a way to remember some of the most exciting, scary and fascinating times of my life. i also want to share my journey with the people who love and support me, but live far away. i find myself surrounded by adventure, opportunity, happiness and love; i want this blog to be a reminder of all the things that are good in this life we have been given. i am inspired by fresh concepts, unique outlooks, and classic ideals. i believe that a life where you live, eat and dress how you want is a life well spent.

i grew up along the beaches of la jolla california and in the foothills of the rocky mountains. my love for both places grows more and more every day. i currently live in arizona while i attend school. i have found a home here with amazing friends who fill me with so much joy. i honestly couldn’t ask for more; i am truly blessed.

thank you for being here. i hope you enjoy my stories as much as i enjoyed creating them.