Ever since I was little, I have been obsessed with strawberries. I remember we used to go pick them in California with friends, but I haven’t done it in the longest time! I had been trying to think of ways to get out of my hotel and be outside and someone I work with told me about a place where they went to pick fresh fruit. I went to Heider’s Farms, in Woodstock, to see what I could find!

I’ve been making my own cold pressed juices for the past few weeks so getting some fresh berries actually seemed like a really good idea. I brought my camera along just for the heck of it and I’m glad I did! I was such a pretty farm and I’m happy that I took a few snaps of it.

I’m less than 3 weeks away from finishing my internship and I can’t wait to be back in Arizona soon!










In late May I was in Thomasville, Georgia for my cousin’s wedding. It was the most beautiful weekend filled with so much love. I’m so close with all of my cousins, so every time we get together it’s just such a fun time.

This was the first of six grandchildren to get married which made it so exciting for all of us. It amazes me how quickly time continues to go by. I was talking with some of my cousins and we were saying how before we knew it we’d all be married and have babies! It’s crazy! We don’t get to see them as often as we’d like but from now on we are going to try and change that. Our family has a lake house up in Maine that we have been going to since we were little. We decided that all of us kids are going to try and fix up together, so once we are older we can get together with our families and make more good memories.

The town we stayed in, Thomasville, is a little town about 2 hours away from Jacksonville Florida. My cousins have grown up there and we got to visit every so often. It’s such a beautiful place to be and everyone is so incredibly nice. They have a lot of shops in the main town where you can find all kinds of different things. We were pretty busy with all the wedding activities, but we made sure to venture into town for lunch and a little shopping.

We stayed at a plantation in Thomasville which was amazing! I wish I took more pictures of it (and of the weekend in general), but I tried to be really present and spend time with family (although technology is nice, it can get so distracting!). Anyway, the long weekend with family was one I won’t be forgetting any time soon.







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pike place chowder has the best chowder in the entire world.
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a building on the university of washington campus and  it’s pretty much exactly how i want my house to look.

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This past weekend was extra fun because I was in Seattle with my dad and sister! Finals are over (thank the lord) and I have a little bit of time before I head off to chicago for the summer. My sister will be attending the University of Washington in the fall, so we decided to do some apartment/restaurant hunting and explore the area a bit. I am so excited for her to move to a new place (mostly because that means I get to visit) and experience all of these exciting times.

The weather was sunny and warm during our trip, which was amazing (we were reminded that this is not typical by lots of people)! Since we got lucky and experienced absolutely  no rain we took a ton of time to walk around and explore outside. We went on the ferris wheel near Elliott Bay, drank lots of hot drinks, ate a ton of food, shopped and caught up on sleep.

We went to pike place market a few times and I am so obsessed. The amount of fresh produce, seafood, pasta, flowers and more is just insane. The tables of flowers go on and on and each bouquet is at most $20. I was so tempted to buy them all!

I’m always embarrassed when I go to write these posts because I feel like all my family does is walk around, shop and eat when we travel haha. But is there really any better way to do it??

Yay for exploring new places and finding an apartment for Kristin to live in!! I hope to have more weekends like this come September!

This weekend I am heading to Chicago for the summer. Then, in about two weeks, I will be with my mom and sister in Georgia!! I’m so excited and I can’t wait to see them.




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On our last night in Seattle, we ate at a restaurant that was right next to pike place market called matt’s in the market. They buy all of their ingredients from the market to make it fresh each day. Although the menu is always different, you can be sure to find fresh seattle seafood, native washington rhubarb, and more.

I have to say, out of all the items we ordered last night, my dad’s seafood stew was the winner. it was overflowing with crab claws, mussels, scallops, and more. It was incredible. We also ordered rhubarb cheesecake and cinnamon sugar bread pudding. both of which were delicious.

Aside from the food, the restaurant boasts a small but lively atmosphere and sits just above pike place market. If you ever get a chance to go, be sure you request a seat by the windows (you can’t beat the view)!


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Tonight, after we arrived in Seattle, we went out to celebrate my sister’s 23rd birthday! Just the other day I was telling her i may have accidentally written 22 on her card… oops. It just seems so crazy to me that we are getting older and she is basically in her early to mid twenties!!

My sister is someone that I look up to immensely. Everyday, she strives to do her best (and always does). She’s my best friend and the most incredible sister I could have ever asked for. My life is a million times better because she is a part of it. I love you kristin!!

We spent the day traveling and exploring pikes place market! I’ve missed my sister like crazy, so today was pretty much the best. Also, why has no one ever talked about the incredible flowers at this place?!? They’re insane. I was so tempted to buy them all.

Here’s to 23 kristin!! I can’t wait to get to know Seattle a bit better and eat some good food with you this weekend.


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mid sentence most likely talking about churros

this week was long and crazy and busy and i am just glad that it’s over. it’s getting close to the end of the semester for me and i am just itching to get out of my typical daily routine. i took a lot of time to just rest and get little things done this weekend, which felt really nice. these photos are from when we decided to get out of the apartment for dinner and churros.

here a few few thoughts i had during my “long, crazy, busy week”:

  • i love the documentary “the true cost” on netflix. i think i want to start shopping in a more sustainable way, so i need to start doing my research.
  • my sister and i are planning a trip to europe and i am so excited. we have never traveled out of the country together, but we feel like we need to before our lives (mostly hers) begin to get way too busy.
  • my grandmother passed away this week at the age of 90, and i miss her so much. she was the most beautiful person.
  • i could see the new beauty and the beast movie over and over and over again.
  • my boyfriend and i are going on a spontaneous “just because” trip in about two weeks and i am really looking forward to it.
  • i can’t get enough of pure barre. i am so obsessed. i have gone 10 times in the past 12 days!
  • i am going home in a few days. i can’t wait to hug my family and cuddle with my pups.
  • milka chocolate has my heart.

i hope you had a great weekend!


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I am the worst at remembering all the restaurants I eat at on vacations, so documenting them here will hopefully help me with that down the line.

While in san diego over the weekend, we tried this restaurant called cafe gratitude, and it was SO good. It’s downtown in Little Italy, which is a really fun area full of shops and other places to eat. I’ve been trying (emphasis on the trying) to eat gluten and dairy free because it makes me feel a lot better than I do when I load up on sugars and carbs and stuff. Anyways, this restaurant doesn’t use any dairy, gluten or eggs when they make their food! I was kind of skeptical at first, but as I am sure you can see in the photos above, the food looked and tasted amazing.

The entire place is so pretty and full of light. I love the kind of vibe they have going on. I will definitely be returning!