i use two different types of cameras as of right now and they seem to work really well for me! the first one is this canon powershot sx350 hs. it is super easy to carry around with you and it takes really high quality videos for the size.

the second camera is use is the canon eos 30d with this lens. This camera is always my go to for taking pictures during vacations or trying to take action shots. it’s a lot easier to mess around with the settings on this one than it is on the powershot.


it comes from a combination of two nicknames that my sister gave to me!


i did! it’s been super fun for me to learn how to code and add all different sorts of qualities to my website. it’s also nice because i can make it exactly how i want to and change it whenever i feel like it.


i mainly use vsco to edit my photos. i will typically play around with the lighting and just slap a slight filter on there. i’ve tried lightroom a few times, but since i’m not looking for anything dramatic, vsco does the trick for me.

i will occasionally make my own filters, but i’ve really come to love a lot of the ones that they provide free of charge or the ones that are available for purchase.